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Huawei will endanger everyone

Huawei will endanger everyone

Chinese technology firm Huawei will be subjected to massive losses due to US sanctions. Is the effect only limited to Huawei? Analysts say that Huawei will be affected by the ban on the US company Apple and Google.

US investor Goldman Sachs warns that Huawei's ban will cause risks in Apple's business. If the worst situation arises, global profit of iPhone manufacturer will fall by 29 percent.

George Barkowitz, business partner for business and technical website, Business Insider, a Silicon Valley-based technology consultancy, GBA, said that the ban on Huawei is creating risks on Google.

Barkowicz said that the US government has banned Chinese technology and the use of US products and services, they would be excited to spread Chinese app and services outside the country. In this, Chinese company Baidu will start the competition with Google. Besides, Udda will be against DD. In areas where Huawei's base is strong, services like Google and Uber will be in danger.

Berkowitz said it is not just China, where Huawei smartphones are sold more, there will be problems. Instead of Google search, people will start using Baidu Search. The trade war with the US will allow some Chinese companies to increase their services globally. They will try to capture India, Africa market.

If there is no Android facility, the United States and the developed countries may lose market in Huawei, but the situation in the developing countries can be different. Customers will take the latest technology at lower prices than the operating system.

Apple is the most vulnerable in the Chinese market as a costly hardware vendor. The authorities of the country may stop selling iPhone in China's market to overturn US. This will have a great impact on Apple.

But instead of short-term effects, Barclose said he would consider the long-term impact. His commentary, attacks on Huawei have many indirect implications, which are more important than primary effect.

On May 15, the Trump Administration officially named Huawei 'blacklisted' in the United States. Without the government approval, the technological innovation from the US Agency was stopped for Huawei. However, on Monday the United States of America relaxed due to the restrictions of Huawei for three months.

After the ban, Huawei's Android operating system will not provide any update version of some services, Google said. Google's app will not run on Huawei's phone and Google's Android OS will not be used in future smartphones due to restrictions. On May 23, Google authorities removed the Huawei P30 Pro and Mate X phones from

Huawei said that they were able to predict the situation before. So they started work on their own operating system. The operating system name 'Hongmeong'. Huawei has done this job to avoid unwanted situations.

Analysts say this decision will have a huge impact on Huawei's business. Huawei's business will be severely damaged in the West. Because, smartphone users are not interested in buying phones except Google Play Store.

Earlier, Huawei's Chief Executive Officer Ren Zhengfai said they are ready to face the US sanctions impact. They will take the future challenges.

Technology websites are said to be the new OS in the next six months will be Huawei market Huawei's new operating system or OS will run on all devices, including smartphones, tabs, PCs, TVs, automobiles, wearable computers.

The technical website Android Police says Huawei will support the new Android app and web app. In the Huawei OS, the Android OS will work 60 percent faster.

Compliance with the US ban, Google, ARM, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom have announced to sever the business and business relationship with Huawei. Outside the SD Association, the Wi-Fi Alliance has also moved away from Huawei.

If the technology companies are forced to shut down the business in the United States, what they want to do themselves? Google and Huawei have already indicated the problem to solve the problem. With the announcement of the closure of Japan's technology maker Panasonic Huaoya, he is talking about the opposite. US President Trump's neck is now different tune. Huawei may be part of a trade agreement between China and the United States, he said.

Chinese Minister for Commerce Gao said that they have kept the door open for trade. But to discuss, they should give importance to this and correct the wrong steps.

It seems that the China-US trade war is not the solution to the crisis unless it is sitting on the table. There was no formal discussion between the two parties since the talks ended on May 10.

There are many people who can sink with Huawei Doble. The sooner the companies will be able to solve the problem, the techitrmira will be as comfortable as possible.