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Google doodle with the World Cup

Google doodle with the World Cup

ICC World Cup 2015 starting on Thursday The inauguration ceremony was held on Wednesday. Google has already made a new doodle in the World Cup.

The World Cup is not a doodle for the World Cup since Wednesday night. It turns out, Google made a great image by making an English 'O' letter of spelling and making the ball 's shape and' two elc 'stamps.

The word 'O' is again seen as a ball in the bowler's hand. The bowler is doing that ball for the batsman. The batsmen also bowl to the ball.

Meanwhile, South Africa are going to face England in the first match of the World Cup on Thursday. A total of 10 countries are participating in a month-long competition. The final will be held on 14th July.

This year the name of England as the most favored team has emerged. Jason Roy, Johnny Bairstow and Jan Butler, are the main strengths of a specialist batsman in the team. Last year's champions Australia were ready to challenge. The batting power of the team has got different levels in the returning of Steve Smith and David Warner, no doubt.

There has been a change in this year's World Cup format. In the group stage, each team has to play against 9 opposition teams. According to the group league points, the top four teams of the list for the semi-finals will be considered.