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Facebook app will not run on windows phone from today

Facebook will not run on Windows Phone from today

Microsoft will stop security updates for Windows 10 powered smartphones. This decision will be effective from December 10th, 2018.  But before that on the Windows Smartphone, many other apps, including the Facebook app, are going to stop.

According to the report, the Indian media, Hindustan Times, in a report said that on April 30, Windows Phone will not give any support to Facebook, the world's largest social network, Facebook.

Apart from Facebook, another photo-sharing app Instagram will stop Windows support. The Windows authorities themselves have confirmed the matter. However, users of this operating system can still use Facebook and Instagram. But they can not use them since yesterday.

In the past, Microsoft announced the closure of Windows Phone in 2016. That year the company announced that they will not bring any new features for Windows 10. Then in January this year, since December 10, no security updates will be provided for this type of phone.