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Everyone is returning to Huawei

Everyone is returning to Huawei

Huawei could breathe a little bit of relief for the moment. Those who left Huawei again began to return quietly to Huawei. The Chinese technology company has been linked to three different networks of different companies. Those three networks work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Micro SD cards.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG and SD Association have stood nicely near Huawei. They renew Huawei's membership. These three networks are considered important for the smartphone brand. Because they allow the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and MicroSD cards.

In a trump administration order, Google recently suspended Google for its Android business license, Huawei. Just outside of the Android open source project, Google announced any service to shut down for Huawei. This allows Huawei's future smartphone to stop using Google's popular app. Some big chip makers and other organizations were forced to stop the relationship with Huawei. Soon after, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG and SD Association announced that they would not have a relationship with Huawei.

Considering the restriction of Android, the Huawei authorities brought the issue of their alternative plans. Their own operating system 'rk' or 'hangmong' can be used on their future smartphone. Huawei and Honor phone customers have promised to keep up to date software security updates. However, Google has not yet commented on Android updates on this issue. However, Google has said that Huawei device users will continue to update security.

Huawei and Huawei's Chief Executive (CEO) Richard Yew, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Department, said about the ongoing tensions between Huawei and the US government in March this year: "There is tension between Huawei and the US government. Huawei is making its own operating system for its smartphone and computer so Huawei can not use Android or Windows. 'Huawei has registered trademarks of' Huawei Hongmeng 'from China's Trademark Office of National Intellectual Property Administration.

After the ban, Huawei's Android operating system will not provide any update version of some services, Google said. Huawei then said that he had already started working with his own operating system. The operating system name 'Hongmeong'. Huawei has done this job to avoid unwanted situations.

Huawei will open the new OS within this year, according to the data on the technical website, The Verge.

Technological website Android Police said in a report that Huawei's new OS Android app and web app will support. In the Huawei OS, the Android OS will work 60 percent faster.

Some technical tech websites say that Huawei's flagship smartphone MET 30 and MET 30 Pro will have a new operating system. This OS can be used in computers, cars, TVs and wearable products. References: The Times of India, Huawei Central.