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The most cheapest and low cost countries in the world

The world's cheapest countries!

Change the color of the monotony life in different countries all the heart! Suppose you want to move around in a new country, but if it is too strong, pockets are not appreciated. New countries, unknown things, little savings in savings But there is no thought in it. There are some countries in the world where you can return to your home with a small amount of money. Let's know the names of some countries that can fill all the hobbies at very low cost.

1. India
According to several years' survey, India has been rated as the world's cheapest country. India is a country where many countries around the world can be seen. Mountains, peaks, rivers, sea, rain, snow, desert is not in the country! There are excellent zones like Kashmir You can keep India in the first row in order to change your world. In India, very little money is required to live. It takes only $ 100 a month to stay in an apartment.

2. South Africa
Africa is one of the most economically well-off countries in the continent, the country However, the cost of living there is very low. The country is progressing towards progress and citizens of this country are quite aware of it. Yet the overall cost of the country is still affordable.

3. Kosovo
If you can spend $ 324 a month, then you can feel free to stay in Kosovo. Your charm in the beauty of the country will refresh you. You can easily get any free goods or grocery products at very low prices. To keep a new life, you can keep the country in one of the most preferred lists.

4. Pakistan
The world's shortest price list is in the neighboring country of Pakistan, Pakistan. This country has also been ranked in the list of very low-cost countries. The place for travel pitches is good but there are several limitations. Due to political affiliations, there is often chaos in the country. Which could be the reason for any travel favorite. Although the country has been trying to overcome their adversity this time around. Despite the small amount, the risk remains.

5. Ukraine
If you are Mac Donald's fan, this is a great opportunity for you, because Ukraine is a country where you can get the brand food at the most affordable price. If you can not be happy even in that, then know that it is a country where the average living value is 65 percent less than the US. And the country looks so nice and beautiful that you do not have to spend a day or bad.

6. Kazakhstan
This is a country where you can buy one liter of milk even with less than $1. And for a very small amount, you can get a laugh or bread, fried egg. This means that you can get very cheap at breakfast. A nice flat to be found at a price of around $ 200. While countries around Kazakhstan are developed countries, living arrangements are relatively cheap.

7. Nepal
Nepal is more likely to be in the list of low-priced countries. The reason for the seventh rank, as the result of a sudden reduction in prices in previous countries. Several years ago Nepal was at the top position. But today it is also known as one of the lowest price states. Its travel costs are so low that you can visit if you want, without any prior planning. You can get an apartment of one room within 80 dollars. What's more beautiful than the huge hills around and you see the sky lying in a small room?