PECE - Primary scholarship result 2018 - 2019 published on 24 March ~ Ofuran

PECE - Primary scholarship result 2018 - 2019 published on 24 March

PECE - Primary scholarship result 2018 - 2019 published on 24 March , 2019

Talent pool Scholarship : 82,500
General Scholarship: 49,000.

The primary education closing test has started since 2009. The next year Ibtedayee students started taking a closing test. After the launch of both the exams, instead of the different scholarship examinations, the merit list of the students of the closing is selected for the scholarship.

The results of the primary scholarship will be published on 24th March, 2019. Education Minister on the occasion of the press conference Zakir Hossain will declare the results of the scholarship.
Director General of the Directorate of Primary Education, AFM Manzur Qadir, said that earlier some meritorious scholarships were held in the first class from the school. Others were deprived of not being able to participate in this examination.

Considering these issues, merit and quota system has been introduced by abolishing scholarship test. The results will be published on Sunday at the press conference on Sunday.

Primary and Mass Education Minister Zakir Hossain will announce the results. At the time, officials of the ministry including secretary Akram Al Hussein will be present.

Six scholarships will be given in each ward of union and municipalities in general quota. Of these three students and three students. Besides, after giving scholarship at the ward level, scholarship will be given to two students and two students in each upazila or thana from the remaining scholarship.

On the basis of results of each division students, after giving three to 24 general scholarships from each division, four general scholarships will be preserved.

It is learned that the government will give scholarship to 82 thousand 500 students based on the results of the primary education closing examination. 33 thousand students will be meritorious and 49,000 students will be given general scholarship.