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5 websites to earn money online

5 websites to earn money online

The issue of earning online has become quite popular today. Bangladesh's successful freelancers are expecting to expand further in the future. To earn money online, you have to prepare yourself well. Find out where, on a site, earn money online. As well as increase your skills.

If you have good skills in different things, then you can go to these sites to build your own career. Take a look at what those sites-


Many of the most popular freelancing sites in the world understand the workbook. It initially started the program named Odesk. In 2015, the name changed to the name of the work. Then another popular freelancing platform is integrated with the 'Elys' Approach. Work is available on fixed and hourly basis. PayPal, Pioneer and bank transfer methods can be used to make money from here.


Freelancer.com is the first line-based online job marketplace, where fixed price and hourly rate projects are available. There are a lot of online jobs and there are a lot of freelancers. The head office of the company is in Australia. PayPal, Scil, Pioneer, and Bank Transparent Systems are used to fund the project achieved from Freelancer.com.


Five dollars from Fiver's good amount project is posted. Fever is very popular for logo design, voice record, article writing, etc. The buyer directly offers the project freelancer but the project offers on this site. You can use PayPal, Pioneer and bank transfer method to make money earned from Fiverr.com


London, UK-based PeoplePerHour is one of the most popular sites to earn online. Here the project is available at fixed price and hourly rates. People can use PayPal, Scroll, Pioneer and Bank Transfers for money generated from People's Hour.


Belancer.com is a Bangladeshi freelancing platform where many different projects are available. Belancer is planning to bring clients and freelancers out of the country. Billionaire Dotcom has a micro-size project (100 bucks) from project to many big amount projects. Currently there are only fixed price jobs. If you want, you can start your freelancing career by registering with Belancer.com.