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Is Facebook Positive or Negative?

Is Facebook Positive or Negative?

There is a lot of discussion and criticism on Facebook. Someone thinks Facebook is giving us a lot of benefits. Someone is making noise, Facebook has become a problem for us. But what is Facebook's founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg wondering? Facebook has celebrated 15 years on Monday But in the age of this teenager teenage debate is negative. But Zuckerberg is speaking positive for his organization.

Since last year, Facebook has been facing problems with data scandals, false news and interference in elections. However, Zuckerberg said that the image of Facebook is still positive. In a post recently posted on Facebook, Zuckerberg said his thoughts. He posted this post on Facebook's 15-year anniversary.

Zuckerberg writes, "This network of people has overcome conventional class discrimination, reconstruction of many organizations of our society. Some people could not accept this change, they gave importance to negative topics. In many cases they said, empowering people through the Internet and the network is harmful for society and democracy.

Zuckerberg, however, thinks that despite this negative notion, Facebook has brought a very positive change in the world. While talking to Facebook, Facebook has dragged the whole Internet into Facebook with Facebook. Through which he meant that the internet has made a way of communication between the whole world.

There is still criticism about this demand of Zuckerberg. Many people say that Facebook can not take full credit for connecting people around the world. There are many means of communication to people outside of Facebook. Before coming to Facebook, people have communicated in different ways. There have been many problems around the world since Facebook came. There is a negative impact on the world.

Studies have shown that addiction on Facebook makes people lonely and depressed. Apart from this, online communication reduces the intimacy of human relations. Apart from this, Facebook has played a role in spreading and polishing bitterness in US politics.

Facebook's negative impact on the world. In a New York Times report last year, Myanmar's troops organized a comprehensive online propaganda to attack Myanmar's Rohingya. This has caused terrible torture and killing of Rohingyas. The New York Times has claimed that Facebook's Newsfeed has been used to spread violence.

It's hard to tell what Zuckerberg has done differently. Some of the negative effects of Facebook can be identified as the problem of social media. However, acknowledging the problem is the first step in solving this problem. Zuckerberg, however, admitted it occasionally. Many of the people think that Facebook's actions and the steps taken to overcome Facebook's problems are still a slow motivation.