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How do lock Facebook Profile - Learn Easily

To lock Facebook profile just follow these steps.

What is a Facebook locked profile?

Locked profiles aren't available to everyone yet. If you see This profile is locked on someone's profile, that person is using locked profile to help protect their posts and photos from people they don't know. Locked profile includes features like:
  • Profile picture protection: People they aren't friends with on Facebook can only see a small preview of their current profile picture on their Facebook profile, and can't like, share or comment on them on Facebook.
  • Friends only: Posts and photos are only shared with their friends. Posts that are always public (example: blood donation requests, Crisis Center posts) are still public and visible to everyone.

Above article is here:

So lock FB profile you have to share posts and photos with only your friends. Only Blood Donation type requests may be public and visible to everyone.

So go to Facebook settings. 

1. Go to tab 'Privacy'. , Set your activity to 'Friends'.

2. Go to tab 'Public Posts', Set all here privacy 'friends'.

3. Go to tab 'Timeline and tagging', Set all here 'friends'.

4. Then go to blood donation settings. If not set, please set it public and thus you have finished all activity to lock your Facebook profile. 

Then you/other will see your Facebook profile is locked. If it not happen immediately, please wait just few hours, then these settings will be active.