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Russian Government Scholarships for 2019 - 2020 Academic year and study in Russia

Russian Government Scholarships for 2019 - 2020 Academic year and study in Russia. Russia begins to accept applications for studying in Russian universities for 2019. 

On November 8, the reception of documents from foreign citizens and compatriots living abroad for free study at Russian universities in the framework of the quota of the Government of the Russian Federation is open.

Details of Russian Scholarship Official

The program involves 456 Russian universities, including the most popular universities among foreign students in the country: 
1. St. Petersburg State University, 
2. RUDN University, 
3. Higher School of Economics, ITMO, UrFU, SFU, 
and many others too. 
Graduates of schools can choose any areas of education and bachelor's and specialty specialties. Candidates with higher education can continue their studies in graduate school, graduate school and residency. Additional education programs are also available: for example, courses for foreign teachers of the Russian language, advanced training programs and professional retraining.
To receive a state scholarship, you must register on the Russia.Study portal, fill out and submit an application. In the application, you need to choose the direction of preparation and up to six universities in order of priority.
Further candidates receive an invitation to participate in the competition, which takes place in two stages
The first stage is in the applicant's country of residence on the basis of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo, the Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC) . If there is no representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo, the embassy of the Russian Federation organizes the selection
The format of competitive selection depends on the country and level of education: for example, in the CIS countries, applicants for undergraduate programs usually pass tests in the Russian language and specialized subject, and the selection to the magistracy is carried out according to the competition portfolio. You can clarify the rules for competitive selection on the websites of Rossotrudnichestvo representative offices.
At the second stage, candidates selected in their own countries are distributed to Russian universities. The status of the application and the outcome of the review can be tracked in your account on Russia.Study.
Applications for state scholarships within the quota are accepted and processed free of charge.
The Russian Federation annually allocates 15,000 places for training foreign students (of which a third is in the CIS countries). These quotas allow you to receive free education in the chosen specialty during the entire period of study. Also, the state program covers training at the preparatory faculty , if the future student needs to improve their knowledge of the Russian language or learn the language from scratch. The program provides a place in a hostel and a stipend is paid.
The demand for Russian education is growing over the past few years. Thus, in 2018 among applicants from 188 countries of the world, the competition averaged 6.2 people per place, while in a number of countries the competition exceeded 10 people per place. According to 2018, about 290 thousand foreign students study in Russia. By 2025, this number is planned to increase to 700 thousand people. In total in the world there are more than 1.5 million graduates of Russian and Soviet universities, who work in more than 160 countries.
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