Paragraph - Unfair means in the Examination ~ Ofuran

Paragraph - Unfair means in the Examination

Unfair means in the Examination

Adopting unfair means in the examination has taken a horrible shape recently. There are many causes responsible for this national problem. Nowadays students are very much involved in harmful politics. Teachers, too sometimes attend their classes irregularly. Parents and guardians, in many cases, fail to look after their children. For all these causes, students neglect their studies, sit for examination unprepared and adopt unfair means. Optimistically enough, the authority has decided to put an end to the adoption of unfair means by strengthening the administrative measures; such as interchanging the examination centres, forming invigilation teams, cancelling the centres defamed for unfair means and taking punitive procedures against the guilty-ones. In addition, it is encouraging to notice that the deterrent actions recently taken by the authority concerned started yielding affirmative results.