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Paragraph on A street accident

A Street Accident

Chittagong streets—especially the busier ones are often a veritable nightmare. Hair-breadth escapes from debacle--- it may be with a vehicle or may be with a rickshaw or auto rickshaw smashed by a truck or a public bus-- anything may happen to make one the victim of a tragedy. I had the experience of a gruesome street accident at about 5 p.m. on the 18th of January last. While sauntering along the Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong, towards Chittagong Press Club a mishap chanced before me, which still rushes through all the trials and tribulations of my life. A schoolboy hardly 12 or 13, who was a few steps ahead of me, was going on the same way. No sooner had he intervened of the road than all on a sudden; a motor car came on and hit him. I sprint to the hapless boy in the twinkling of an eye. He was wretchedly made out of breath by that menacingly happened accident. He lay deceased with the concussion and lethal laceration he experienced. Among many transient rues, that melancholic bereavement will ever resound in my heart with its ecumenical doleful complaints! ______
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed,
And the great star early dropped in the western sky in the night,
I mourned, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring.
-Walt Whitman (1819-1892), When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed