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Paragraph on A School Library

A School Library

A school library is a library that serves the students, faculty, staff and parents of a public or private school and acts as the fountainhead from which streams of knowledge flow. Our school also possesses a library which contains books, journals, magazines, newspapers, films, recorded sound, periodicals, and other media. These not only provide us with knowledge and entertainment but also enhance and expand our school's curriculum. The librarian, assisted by some volunteers and teachers, is in charge of our school library. His tasks include: collaborating with classroom teachers in student instruction, purchasing books and material, maintaining the collection, circulating materials, cataloguing new materials, facilitating inter-library loans, and dealing with challenged books. We get assistance from our teachers and the librarian in choosing the proper books. It has open shelves for books of references which may be consulted whenever necessary. Despite having many practical difficulties in the way of students making proper use of the library, such as little spare time left after class-work to spend fruitfully in the library, the scene in our school library is inspiring. It shows that, among a section of our students, there is a real desire to read on their own account. At the table, eager young scholars are deeply absorbed in their studies or busy taking notes from the books. Where scholars are busy, the unscholarly are shamed into silence. The library habit is an index of culture, and the habit can be formed only in school. If books are available and teachers are ready to guide and advise, students will soon develop habits of study.