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Paragraph on National Memorial

National Memorial

National Martyrs' Memorial situated at Savar, about 35 km north-west of Dhaka, symbolises the valour and sacrifice of the martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistani rule. The main monument is composed of seven isosceles triangular planes each varying in size in its height and base. The highest one has the smallest base while the broadest base has the lowest height. The planes are folded at the middle and placed one after another. The highest point of the structure reaches 150 feet. This unique arrangement of the planes has created a structure that seems to change its configuration when viewed from different angles. There is an artificial lake and several mass graves in front of the main monument. A national competition was held for the design of the project in June 1978. Among the fifty-seven competitors, Architect Syed Moinul Hossain's design proposal was selected. The architect has used concrete for the monument while all the other structures and pavements of the complex are made of red bricks. The whole complex is spread over an area of 34 hectares (84 acres) which is again wrapped around by a green belt of 10 hectares (24.7 acres). Several mass-graves and a reflection water body are placed in front of the monument. The project was constructed in three phases. The glaring spirit of the Liberation War still arouses the people to stand against all injustices and unfairness and helps attain overall progress of the country. Standing in front of the national memorial we bow down our heads in reverence as the towers soar up symbolizing the loftiness of the martyrs’ spirit.