Paragraph on Load-Shedding ~ Ofuran

Paragraph on Load-Shedding


In Bangladesh, nowadays, load-shedding is so humdrum a phenomenon that the term ‘load-shedding’ has crept into common parlance in recent years. In Bangladesh, the generation of power has fallen so low and its distribution so uneven that no one can predict which area will be engulfed in sable and at what time Aladdin’s lamp will burn de novo. It is the sequel of the inefficiency and bureaucratic bungling of the agencies responsible for the supply of power as also their inter-union rivalry. It has been disrupting life at home, the housewives are found groping in murk in the kitchen; all the hustles in offices, mills and factories are suspended, as the proletarians find no other alternatives without sitting idly, research work in laboratories is extremely disconcerted and load-shedding stands in the way of the thorough preparation of the candidates for various imminent examinations. Even hospitals and clinics are not spared. Not only that, kleptomaniacs, cutpurses and other anti-social elements extravagantly prowl on the streets creating a pandemonium. The commodities preserved in cold storages get spoiled. De facto, load-shedding has thus considerably perturbed the socio-economic infrastructure of the state and jeopardized the security of the domestic life of its people. To extenuate the anguished condition of the people the Government should implement new power projects, surmount poor maintenance of the power plants and distribution centres, and retrieve those units lying out of order. Meanwhile, power should be dispersed in an even manner so that no area gets uninterrupted power supply at the cost of another.