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New Year 2019 surprising Technologies

New Year's surprise 2019

Twenty-one century has passed a year. 2018 was a discussion year for the global technology sector.

In the view of the people, a number of innovative technologies were seen last year, but some of the big scandals in the IT sector have dissipated the possibilities of these technologies. But this year, the mobile device's mechanical sliders and the speedy display, the fifth-generation mobile network technology, five-fifths and smart voice assistants, the more advanced, the overwhelming reality headset and the fallible screen and the device will be glimmering in the global technology sector.

Waterdrop nach 
The first night display on the smartphone device was found in the first year, which is widely appreciated. The advantage of the noch display is to include cameras, earpieces, proximity and ambient light sensors in very little space between the upper part of the device display. Due to this, the use of large screen displays is possible without increasing the size of the device. However, this year, the display will be smaller in the display. Along with Vanplus, device manufacturers like Huawei, Vivo, and Apollo have already brought the water drop look display display handset to the market. Dual display can be seen on smartphone devices this year.

90 and 120 Hertz Display

Many of the device users looked at the display all day long. Some device manufacturer displays better than others. From affordable to premium, all handsets now have high resolution, bright and high-end organic light-emitting diodes or OLED displays. There is a shortage of all types of display, which is refresh rate. The ideal refresh rate for display is 60 Hz. That means when someone sees a picture on a smartphone display, this standard refresh rate display refreshes the image 60 times per second. So, increasing the rate of refresh, removing the blurring while watching any moving content on the mobile device. This will increase the speed of the display. Using 90 or 120 Hertz displays, one does not want to go back to the previous standard. This year, fast refresh rate display handsets are available in the market.

Voice Assistant
Voice Assistant has already responded to the global technology sector, which will be better this year. It is being speculated that voice assistants devices will now have the ability to recognize multiple members of a family voice command. As a result, voice assistants device can serve the needs of each individual. This year, Smart Assistant will spread to all types of technology as well as smartphones. That means virtual assisted voice assistants technology is available on devices like smart TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, media players, cars, digital projectors and action cameras.

High-speed battery charging technology 
The battery capacity will reach the final stage of the device and faster charging technology will be improved. Powerful batteries were found in all mobile devices last year. At the same time, the problem with which the device is heated in the battery, its permanent solution may match. Last year, the Vanplus dash charge technology has responded well.

The battery of the handset with this technology will be charged from zero to 100 percent in 35 minutes. The method of going to sleep on the phone is very much the way to extinction.

Digital Device Addiction 
There is a growing criticism of digital device addiction. Due to the addiction of digital device, the health risk is increasing gradually. Permanent solution to current device addiction can come. That is, how much time the user is spending on the device screen, it is now known to the software. This year, there will be a built-in feature on the device, which will alert the user if the device uses more tolerable levels. The handset's built-in feature will tell you the details of how much time a device is consuming using the device.

5G Technology 
For the last few years, the development of fifth-generation mobile networking technology is underway. This year the commercial use of this network technology will be faster. It is said that the fastwifery service is available faster than the existing four-digit network. Optical fiber cable connection requirements are expected to run out when the full use of the fivergie starts.

Augmented Reality 
Virtual Reality or VR Headset is now reached by many. This year, more advanced aggregated real-time technology can occupy its space.

Foldable display
There is a wide range of discussions about flexible or foldable display handsets in the global smartphone market. Organizations such as Huawei and Microsoft from South Korea, starting from Samsung, are working to unveil foldable handsets. This year, the foldable display device will be available, which can be used as a tablet device along with a smartphone as well as a tablet device.

Biometric Technology Everywhere 
Fingerprint and Face Unlock technology are now used everywhere for unlocking the mobile device, which is more than password or security pattern.

Apple Technologies has unveiled the first Face Unlock system in front of the world with iPhone tone, also known as Face ID technology. Passwords, security patterns and fingerprint security will lose application this year and face ID technology will be widely used.