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How do your nails keep beautiful?

How do your nails keep beautiful?

If the nails are beautiful, then the beauty of the beauty increases. Take care of the nail for a while. See, everyone will be fifth in praise. How to take care of nails -

Olive oil and lemon juice
Mix a few drops of lemon juice with one teaspoon olive oil, massaging it on nails, keep it for a while. Then after sleeping thin 'manicure gloves' all night. Beautiful nails will get up in the morning.

Two teaspoons of salt and two drops of lemon juice mixed with kusum hot water and keep drunk for 10 to 15 minutes. Continue this procedure twice a week.

Egg yolks and milk
Need to maintain moisture for nails. For this, keep the egg yolk and milk mixture nails all night.

Beneficial for petroleum jelly nails. If you can not do anything else, wear a vaseline on all nights of the season every season. This will enhance the beauty of your nails.

Besides, to prevent nail fractures, regular nails have to be cut. Those who have to use more water and detergent is better to work after gloves. Hand and nail cream can be used to maintain nail moisture.

For nutrients of nails, protein and biotin-rich foods, such as milk and milk products, eggs, pulses, fish, nuts, meat and sour fruits will be eaten. Nails can not be cut with teeth. As well as to see whether the nails have become fragile due to a physical illness, it is necessary to check with the advice of the appropriate doctor to check the nails.