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No Suicide Anymore - Suicide is not a solution

Life is beautiful To enjoy life. Good times come, bad times come. The dawn comes at dawn in the night. The light will come, it will be good. You have to choose life - Writes Rasheda K. Chowdhury

Ninth-grade student Aritri Adhikari has recently chosen the path of suicide. The matter directs to the horrors of our society, which is never desirable. Another thing with him reminds us that during the age of the aristries, the mindset of the soft-minded students develop. Many of them have feelings that are very sensitive. If they are humiliated or humiliated at that time, some of them may choose the path of suicide. We have to think more about this. Because, suicide is never a solution. As the students need to understand this, simultaneously teachers should know and understand the way to solve them.

We have many solutions in front of us. There are circulars and rules issued by the government. The Honorable Court also has instructions. These students have to know. Before taking any final decision on any issue, there is a lot of places to defend, time and opportunities to know. There he also has the option of not having his family's support. For example, as we see, students are coming forward with awareness to prevent child marriage. Now our law enforcing force has a hotline - 999. Assassinated students can call but can call, complain. If the family does not cooperate with him, he may seek help from relatives, friends, friends, and other helpers.

The second thing I want to say is, the family must be sensitive. Our students are always under pressure of examinations all the time. If he is babbled or abused in many ways at home, it becomes difficult to manage himself. Families will also have to realize that the age at which the orphans leave, takes the path of suicide, that is very sensitive to the age. In this way, the child can not be defeated, not just the governance, he should be reasoned to convince him that it is a mistake to make mistakes, but parents should also take the responsibility to correct their mistakes.

Now say about the institution of educational institutions. Here is the main role of the teachers. I often think that, when we were a student, the golden age of the teacher-student relationship was over! Education was not a product. There was no commercial relationship between the teacher and the student. Coaching was not complicated. Whatever it was, it was their learning-learning relationship. The teachers have ruled, but they did not humiliate.


● 8 million people commit suicide every year in the world

● 60 thousand people attempt suicide every day

● The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, the number of suicides in the world will be 15.5 million annually

● Suicide is the second highest cause of death of 15 to 29 years of age in the world.

● Among South Asian countries, Sri Lanka has more suicidal tendencies (29 people per million).

● In a report of the World Federation of Mental Health in 2018, 50 percent of all mental illness started before 14 years of age and 75 percent began 25 years ago! That is, starting from depression, risks for suicides are higher in this age.


● Ten thousand people are victims of suicide every year in Bangladesh.

● According to the World Health Organization estimates, 7.8 per million people commit suicide every year in Bangladesh.

● Studies show that two-thirds of the total suicides in Bangladesh are women, most of them are 11 to 25 years old.

● The report titled 'Mental Health Status of Adolescens in South-East Asia: Evidence for Action', published in the World Health Organization in 2017, also says 7 percent of children in Bangladesh are trying to commit suicide one or more times. Of these, 7 percent boys and 6 percent girls.

● Imagine 8 percent of adolescents in Bangladesh already In the imagination, about 5 percent of teenage girls eat circumvented.

World Health Organization's Guidelines for Suicide Reporters

● Tell the public about the bad aspects of suicide.

● Suicide is not a solution-keep it in mind while writing. At the same time, avoid language that represents suicide as normal.

● Do not print suicide news in important parts of the newspaper. Again unnecessary repetition of the incident.

● Do not describe in writing the words of suicide or suicide attempt. Stop referring to the place where suicides have occurred.

● Give your headline.

● Take extra precautions to use stereo or video.

Give special attention to the presentation of the stars' suicide news.

● Respect the relatives of the deceased.

● Give information about where and how to get help.

● Newsmen can be affected by news of suicide. Keep it in mind.