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Nice Project Proposal - BCS Online Coaching Center

Title: BCS Online Coaching Center
Objectives: The BCS Online Coaching center is a job exam preparation site. It is mainly for the BCS (Bangladesh Civil Services) candidates. It is also helpful for every job seeking candidates. Candidates can participate in various sample job examination here.

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Short Description: Most of the job exams in BD are held with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). We have thought this matter and make a huge database of MCQ and it is subject wise. Here we make a system that can generate question script according to subjects from this huge database. Candidates can create an account easily and participate in the examinations here. The questions will made based on the respective job examination rules and regulations. Our system agents make these question scripts at 12:01 am automatically. Students can participate in any exams at any time but when he starts exam he will get a fixed time for answering according to that question script. Example: 200 Marks BCS Preliminary Test is for 120 minutes. We already have hosted the project site here: .

We have 1 admin and some moderators to insert data in the database by special and secure control panel. Admin has the full access of the database and moderators have the necessary access to the database. Users will read their books, take a good preparation and then participate in the examination here. After finishing any exam, they can see their marks, right answers, wrong answers, blank answers, highest marks in that exam, lowest marks in that exam, average marks in that exam, his merit position among all participated candidates in that exam in a table here very easily. We think one day all BCS / Job candidates will participate the examinations here and will know their overall situation all over the country.    

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Proposed Methodology: We have used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP languages and MySQL database.

Reference: We get help from some forum sites and specially get helped from .

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