HSC 2019 English suggestion important and 100% common completing story letter and email ~ Ofuran

HSC 2019 English suggestion important and 100% common completing story letter and email

HSC 2019 English suggestion important and 100% common completing story

English 1st Paper 100% common completing stories:

  1.    Helpful dove and great ant  
  2.    The reward of an honest girl
  3.    A mysterious phone call
  4.    The foolish crow
  5.    A brilliant, diligent and innovative boy
  6.    A liar shepherd
  7.    An honest woodcutter and a beautiful fairy
  8.    A thirsty crow
  9.    To rescue a drowning boy
  10.                       Helpful ant and grateful dove
  11.                       A responsible school boy
  12.                       A night in the deep forest
  13.                       A worse victim of gender discrimination
  14.                       My first day at school
  15.                       Happiness lies in contentment 
  16.                       Grasp all, lose all
  17.                       Unity is strength
  18.                       The selfish giant
  19.                       Witty Sadi
  20.                       Failure is the pillar of success
  21.                       Slow and steady wins the race
  22.                       A friend in need is a friend indeed
  23.                       Who is bell the cat?
  24.                       King Lear and a tragic figure
  25.                       Story of an honest girl.

 Writing informal letters/email:

  1.    Suppose, your friend got first prize on debate competition. Write an email congratulating him.
  2.    Suppose, you have a pen friend. Write a letter/email to your pen friend about the natural beauty of Bangladesh
  3.    Write a letter to your about your preparation for the ensuring examination
  4.    Seeking admission procedure for overseas students.
  5.    To friend inviting him to join the picnic
  6.    To a friend thanking him for nice birthday gift.
  7.    To a travel agency for more information on Nepal tour.
  8.    Congratulating a friend for brilliant result.
  9.    To younger brother advising him to follow the rules of health.
  10.                       To a pen friend thanking for hospitality offered to you when you are  in his country.
  11.                       To a friend to return your book.
  12.                       To your younger brother advising him to be regular in his school classes.
  13.                       To a friend expressing experience of taking Chinese food in a restaurant.
  14.                       To your friend about your recent visit to a historical place.
  15.                       To a friend expressing condolence at his father’s death.