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The worlds first smart supercar is coming...

The world's first smart 'supercar'

Not that in Hollywood or Bollywood, super cars have brought American car maker Beighton The company claims it is the world's first 'smart supermarket'.

Biton recently opened a new Smart Car in Las Vegas, USA. The company says it is better to call it a mobile super computer without being a car. Because more consistency is available with smartphones.

The Chief Executive of Bitan said, "The purpose of Byton is to bring the smart car first to the market first."

It is known that the new Smartstar has been designed and designed by Apollo and BMW former engineers. Which looks quite nice.

The car dashboard is very modern It has gesture control system. Which is very fancy. But this control system remains in question by just how safe it is.

Aside from the manual as well as when the drive is in the mood, some features will be off, then the driver will not be able to do those features. But in driving conditions you can watch the video.

There was an unusual enthusiasm among the visitors to the Las Vegas show with the car already. They say it's a great car. The most surprising thing is that the price of the car is not beyond the reach.

Thinking about the price of 250 to 325 miles in a 45 thousand dollar car, but the price seems to be less than half. There are many technologies to watch with. 

The main challenge of 'Byton' company is now the charging station. Because they have no smart charging station around the world. Meanwhile, electric car maker Tesla has more than 8,000 charging stations all over the world but this institution is not yet there.

However, the company said it will start work on charging stations by 2019.