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Jack Ma is not retiring from Alibaba

Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, is not retiring. On Friday, news of Jack's retirement has spread to the world media. On one day, on behalf of the Alibaba Group, it was announced that Jack would give a plan for the successor. He will also be on the executive chairman of the organization for some time.

According to Reuters news agency, Jack Ma will release the plan for succession on Monday. This plan will be implemented with considerable time for change in the organization's leadership. Until the deadline is expired, Jack Ma will be in the chair of Alibaba.

'South China Morning Post' confirmed the news. A spokesman for Alibaba said on Monday that Jack's birthday on Monday. It will be published on the same day that the organization's successor plan will be published.

The New York Times said on Friday Jack Jack decided to retire. According to the report, Jack's mother will resign on the birthday day. But Alibaba will be on the board of directors. After retirement, his main job would be to give priority to public service during education. Jack Mar quotations were also used in the report. But now, in contrast, China's third richest man has been singing.

In 1999 Jack Maqi founded Alibaba with some people. At present, the company has a market of 40 billion US dollars. There are online sales, movie making, cloud computing business.