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What can do Barcelona by selling Lionel Andres Messi?

Lionel Andrés Messi made his debut in Barcelona's Jersey on October 16, 2004. Messi was aged 17 years 3 months and 22 days then. Seven months after the debut, on 1 May 2005, this pet musician gained the first goal in the Barcelona club's jersey. 

Afterwards, he did not look back. This Argentine Footballer, who came from La Masia, gave whole of the time of his career with Catalonian team. Still going on with as its makes him one of the greatest footballers in the football history and one of the world's leading football players.

Have you think if this Messi is sold according to the current value to another Football club, what can Barcelona do with that money? Suppose Messi has been sold to other clubs today. Let's see what Barcelona can do with that huge amount of money.

The current price of this Barcelona superstar is worth about 700 million EURO. If a club has shown interest in buying this price, then Barcelona will get 700 million Euros. That is seven thousand crore money in Bangladeshi taka!

With this huge amount of money, Barcelona will be able to buy a club full of the top 9 among the world's largest 20 football clubs. These clubs include Italian Roma, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Napoli. Apart from this, Barcelona will be able to give the same amount of one year income to the teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Surprisingly, Barcelona's one year revenues are almost equal to the price of Messi.

Not only that, one of the biggest stadium in the English Premier League of Arsenal, the entirety of Emirates can be bought too. After buying the stadium, Barcelona can survive 10 million dollars. The most interesting thing is that all Barcelona players are worth around 600 million euros. There Messi alone is worth 700 million euros.

It is possible to buy about 10 Boeing 737-700 passenger aircraft with Messi's transfer fee. Airbus AZB-2 319 Jet Bike Not only that, two or three teams of the American NBA championships could be bought by this money. The whole staff wages of a world-class team like the Golden Estate Warriors, where only 135 million euros Messi's transfer fee is nothing to pay for Formula One (racing) budget. The budget of 'Toro Roso' racing team is only 124 million Euros! Scotland's Shetland coastal island costs only 2.5 million pounds. It is possible to buy around 2500 times in Messi's price, which is more than 60 acres.