UBER safety toolkit features are added in the UBER app ~ Ofuran

UBER safety toolkit features are added in the UBER app

The biggest ride sharing company UBER has added safety toolkit in UBER app in Bangladesh. By this option, the UBER passengers will find all safety features in a fixed position in the UBER app. After few months of starting these features in USA, UBER authority starts these in Bangladesh too. 

The safety toolkit is made with latest and modern technology so that all passengers can use these features very easily. Also old and new both features will increase awareness among people. 

The UBER driver starts trip, the safety features will visible on the app screen which will be seen before finishing the trip.

UBER product management director Sochin Kalsal has said that to give the security priority of UBER passengers, UBER authority has started these new features in Bangladesh, which was started before in other countries like as USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Netherland too.

The new features name:

1. Safety center
2. Trusted contacts.
3. Emergency button.

By the name of the feature we also guess the actions of these features.