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How to increase your brain memory power? Learn here

How to increase brain power? 

You may notice that some people have a good idea of any event or content as well. Again, learning a lot is something new. And you feel like you do not remember your memory? But your talent is less! No, your talent is certainly not low. Not everyone can remember it in a way. Because, not all brain structures are the same. But with some simple techniques, you can also increase memory power.

Exercise increases the number of brain power. This creates new cells in the brain. And due to cardiovascular exercises, oxygen and glucose are supplied at higher rates in the brain. Exercise increases the size of the brain

Memory increases in walking too: To memorize a lecture or presentation, try to walk and walk it. Or come out a little out

Choose the right meal: 20 percent of your food and energy goes to your brain. All of the brain work depends on its glucose levels. If there is a difference in glucose levels in the body, then you may experience various problems. Dopamine chemicals spread in your brain's 'Reward Area' by playing those foods you like very much. As a result, you are happy to feel happy.

Find out your leisure:  Low-level stress is actually good for health. It provides strength to address the situation in times of crisis or emergency needs. Cortisol is called the hormone due to the increase in the body and mind concentration. But stress and anxiety for a long time is very bad for the brain.

Do something new: One way to increase brain power is to challenge the brain to do something new. This is possible by drawing pictures or learning foreign languages.

The power is hidden in music songs: There is evidence of music that can stimulate the brain. If someone is taking pictures of his brain while listening to the song, then the whole brain will be seen actively influenced by tune. The brain can keep memories of music for a long time. It is quite effective to prevent mental condition like dementia.

Lying on the bed before examination: When you are learning something new during the day, a new neurodegeneration connection is formed in your brain with a nervous system. When you fall asleep, that connection gets stronger and what is learned is stored as a memory. In one test, it is known that if you give someone a list before shaving, to memorize it, then in the morning the next day he will be able to remember it very easily.

When your sleep breaks: There is nothing new about the importance of sleep. The brain is tired of sleeping less than five hours a day. If the brain sleeps for more than 10 hours then it does not get time to wake up. But the key to working well for the day is hidden in how you wake up from sleep.