How to face BD Bank Scholarship VIVA exam? ~ Ofuran

How to face BD Bank Scholarship VIVA exam?

Many of the students are worried for facing scholarship viva exam of BD Banks. But the reality is it is very easy to face any viva examination. Just keep confidence and patience in your heart. You will must win in the final.

If you parents especially father is not a govt. employee then it is a positive point. When you will go to face the scholarship viva exam, keep your father with you. When your viva is running, if authority wants to talk with your parents, present your father there. Previously, tell or teach a little bit your father how he should present his and family condition before scholarship board. 

If your father is a govt employee, but mother is not, then present your mother before viva board.

If your both father and mother are govt. employee then no need to present them, just keep the contact number. If authority wants to talk, then call one of them. 

Just keep proper patience and confidence and prove yourself that you are the right person for the scholarship, if you get the scholarship, you will really benefited, that's enough. You may comment below if you face problem of anything else.