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41th Special BCS is for recruiting 2 thousands teachers

The government has taken initiative to resolve the problem of teachers in the government's educational institute. In the meantime, the government is thinking of appointing teachers in the vacant posts soon. 41st BCS is being considered as Special / Special BCS. That would be for the appointment of teachers. Meanwhile, the education ministry has sent a letter to the Public Service Commission (PSC). This information is known in the relevant sources. And the ongoing 39th Special BCS is for doctors only.

It is known that around 2,000 posts are vacant in government colleges across the country. Of these, the posts are empty for many reasons including death, resignation. As a result, overall educational activities are being interrupted. Being obstructed is the teaching. Besides, the teachers can not solve the crisis in the few more years due to the fact that the number of teachers being trained through ordinary BCS. Thinking about this, the government is thinking of organizing the BCS to appoint teachers. As has been done in the field of recruitment of health cadre doctors.

According to the sources, in order to organize the 41st Special / Special BCS, there will be some changes in the current law of PSC. PSC hopes to have circular / notice of 41st BCS in next May - June, if everything is okay.

Professor Mohammad Shamsul Huda, Director (College and Administration) of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) said, the problem of teacher crisis can not be solved in many government colleges in the country for a long time. For this reason, the special BCS examination was organized and the demand for PSC was sent to the education cadre.

He said, there are still many colleges, where teachers can not recruit teachers on subjects. The teachers of the nearby college have to take the classes to borrow. So if a special BCS is organized for the teachers, it will be possible to ease these problems.

PSC chairman Mohammad Sadiq said, though the government college is the center of higher education, there are teachers in crisis. It will be possible through special BCS to resolve this crisis. However, he said, the official application for conducting special BCS exams for education cadre has not yet reached our hands.