How the fiverr account can be banned? ~ Ofuran

How the fiverr account can be banned?

How the fiverr account can be banned? 

Many of fiverr freelancers face problem with Fiverr Account. This tutorial is for them so that they can identify the problem and take necessary action.

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms online. If you have a new fiverr account or you are a newbie about fiverr platform, then please follow the following rules and regulations so that you have to face no problem.

1. Never send message to seller, because you are a seller. 

2. Use your account either buyer account or seller account only. If you are a freelancer then must use as seller account.

3. Do not open more than one account if no need; specially in one internet ip address. 

4. If you have no payoneer card, then use such friend's payoneer card who have different niche in his profile, Suppose, if you are a logo designer then you friend should be digital marketer etc. Then you may use his payoneer card in this way that firstly you should give his a job and then pay in his card. Then withdraw from his card. But never add same a payoneer card number in two fiverr account.

5. Do not try to give message someone by copying or making url of someone. 

6. Do not copy someone gig image.

7. If you get message from buyer, try to reply instantly. It will grow your response rate.

8. If you can not do the job for any reason, then tell buyer the matter and try to cancel the job mutually. 

Hope you will like this tutorial. Keep your eye on and learn hidden and amazing things.