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Need Facebook Twitter Information for US Visa

Need Facebook Twitter Information for US Visa

In May last year, the authorities of the United States said that they wanted to examine the history of social media for issuing US visas.

After the last 15 years of the work there, they will decide whether to give a visa or not. That is why the US Embassy officials told Visa prospects to look at their activities through a question paper about 'user name'.

But the new news is that visa visas will be given to social media or facebook and towers.

This proposal has been proposed from the US State Department on Friday. Whereas most of the applicants of US visa applicants must give detailed information on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The applicant should be informed about all the information about what was known about their social life in the first five years of the visa application.

Even those who want immigrant and non-immigrant visas, this information will be used to verify information about them. They have to pay more for all the telephone numbers, email addresses and travel history of the last five years. Applicants should tell if they were expelled from any country before.

In addition the applicant's relatives should also be informed whether they were involved in terrorism.

This offer will not affect the citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany who receive visa free travel facilities in the United States. But tourists from countries such as India, China or Mexico can get into trouble.

Since the shooting of St. Bernardino in California in January 2015, 14 people have been killed. Because, the authorities said that the attacking attackers had a glimpse of aggression, but they failed to identify it.