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Facebook has started a Down vote button for it

If you do not like a comment on Facebook, you can now give a down vote to the comment. Facebook launches this feature to give Facebook users a chance to react negatively. All users will have access to this feature. The down-vote feature is not a long-term expected digital button for Facebook users. If you do not like a comment, you can press the down vote button. That comment will not appear publicly, but others will see it. You give a comment down vote, if it is objectionable, confusing or non-exclusive, or to let Facebook know.

Facebook has been experimenting with this button since February this year. But, this time the button is open to everyone. Today's technology website The Next Web's report said that the button is being brought to improve the quality of comments on Facebook. 
Since the launch of 'Like' button in 2009, many people wanted the unlike / dislike button. But Facebook never brought that button. The Like Button is used to select a topic on Facebook or to post messages, photos, or other related posts of a friend.

There are currently less than suspicious content being shown on Facebook to prevent spreading false news. According to the new plan to prevent false news, news feeds are trying to keep a consistency in censorship and sensitivity in order to show news according to users' needs. A tech church report said that when a news report was authenticated with Facebook's third-party fact-checkers, Facebook reduced the size of that post.

A spokesman for the company Facebook has said, it is less likely to be shown in news feed if the fact is considered fake by checking the fact. Newly published articles are now being scanned by Facebook machine learning technology.