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Apple takes decision to discontinue iPhone X production

Apple  takes decision to discontinue the production of Apple iPhone X. The company has been passing bad times due to its sales expectations of not being able to reach its sales. Therefore, the decision to stop the production of the device permanently has been decided. A report in Forbes has been reported that. Forbes said Apple will not be able to produce a new iPhone X even if it is a single iPhone. Apple had a lot of ambition with the device. But did not sell according to expectations.

Neil Campling said in a CNBC interview that he has a note sent to Apple Technologies, Apple Technologies, to stop the production of iPhone tens. The high price was not identified as the reason for not being able to touch the sales of the device.

Concerns related to the iPhone Tens unveiling stage, the definition of iPhone has been changed with the decade-long version. But what is the iPhone drag?

In 2014, Apple has entered the big display smartphone market with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The latest iPhone Tens' All-Screen Design and Edge-to-Edge Display Stunts. The device's OLD (organic light-emitting diode) display, which is a few times better than LCD display. 5 x 8-inch Super Retina display is used in iPhone X 2426-11-25 resolution. The home button was discontinued with iPhone tens. The end of the introduction of the Touch ID is also drawn.

Fingerprint technology was brought to unlock iPhone Tens, Face Detection Technology was brought. Which is called 'Learn Your Face' technology. The 'True-Depth Camera System' has been used in this. Anyone else can not open the phone with a 3D mask created in a similar fashion with the user's appearance. This 11 bionic processor has been used on the device. An animated version of Emoji's animated animation

The device was introduced as the innovation of the QI and Air Power Wireless Chargers. The iPhone has a 12-megapixel wide angle lens and a second-to-one telephoto lens for zooming. The maker's claim, the new iPhone's camera feature has been greatly improved compared to the iPhone 7. Especially in ambient light or in dark room, good pictures can be taken. With 7-megapixel True-Depth Front Facing Camera, the Selfie can be portrayed in portrait mode.

The base price of the device was set to $999. However, customers have to shell out $1,400 for storage of internal data and RAM. This is one of the reasons for not being sold according to the expectations of iPhone tens.