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Find a BUG and become millionaire

Are you hoping to be a millionaire? Then find out any kind of bugs or software errors in Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple products. If you can find out, the amount that you get as a reward can sometimes be worth millions. No matter how much technology companies want to strengthen the security of the device, often Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are at risk of malware and software errors. So to find out the error, the companies are not lagging behind to spend money. Find out some of these opportunities:

Facebook: Last year, Facebook authorities paid about 60 million billion dollars to bug hunters. Facebook offers a great reward for finding out if there are security flaws in the platform. To get this error, go to ( link. Facebook has not set the maximum limit on the amount of money to be paid if the error is detected.

Microsoft: Microsoft announced a reward for finding software errors from 2014, and Microsoft's Redmond-based technology firm Microsoft Microsoft's online services, if someone could detect serious errors, would give more than two million prizes to Microsoft. You can find that error from here (

Apple: Apple Systems Authority has said that the firm has given the prize system for its safety, but the company has given the arrangement for awarding software errors. Of course, this opportunity is only for the developers. ( link will be available from this link. On behalf of Apple, a reward of up to 15 million BDT will be given.

Google: If you can find an error in the different services of Google, you can get more than one and a half million prize money. Google has paid more than 25 million taka to security researchers in the year 2017. To know about Google's security error removal, go to

Samsung: Samsung has announced a huge reward for smartphones and tablets and bug fixes, but the mobile division of Samsung Electronics has announced. If you can get the error out, it is possible to get more than one and a half million prizes. However, to get the award, difficult conditions have to be passed. To know about Samsung's error, go to the link (

Intel: Chip maker Intel recently was in danger of using Specter malware The company has raised the prize to find the security flaw in the chip. If you can hold the bug, you can get one and a half million taka. You can find out more about this link ( link.

Twitter: Microblogging site can get a reward of Rs 15 lakh if you can get any errors on Twitter. Twitter authorities said that security experts and researchers would be welcome if they could find any errors in Twitter service. To know more about this, go to the link ( link.

Uber: In the last few quarters, there have been discussions on different issues. However, if there is any error in the Uber platform, the organizers of the Raid Sharing Platform have announced a huge reward. The prize will be available for around Tk. 16 crores. It can be known from Uber ( link.

Yahoo: If you can find any bugs or software errors or security issues in Yahoo! applications, then Yahoo will reward you with a huge reward. On behalf of Yahoo, a reward of up to Tk 13 lakh may be given. The security researcher or ethical hackers ( link will be given a reward by verifying it by reporting the error to the Yahoo Security Team.