Facebook collects data from android device ~ Ofuran

Facebook collects data from android device

Facebook collects data from android device

Facebook is collecting data from the user's android device like as call history and SMS. Some twitter users said this. They have said that they ensure it by downloading Facebook data file (personal archive). 

Facebook wants SMS, call history, contact number permission by messenger app. By analyzing these information, facebook can detect personal business contact and personal relations. Previously android permission policy was not so strict. So using android old api till October 2017 android developers can use easily user phone call history and SMS data. 

But facebook has said that if one uploads contacts on facebook messenger, it will get access easily to his call history. As facebook needs user permission, they never see it as collecting user data or usual anything. 

When a person creates an account on any website by facebook account, usually email address, name, profile picture go to that account. Facebook has said how they collect data from users in a blog post. 

Some days before, Facebook published a forgiving notice on some UK dailies for stealing the users data by Cambridge Analytica.