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After Uber coming 10100 announced by Travis Kalanick

After Uber coming 10100 announced by Travis Kalanick

Ubay's founder Travis Kalanick is going to take a new initiative. On Wednesday, Travis Kalanick released his new venture on Twitter. He announced a venture called '10100' or 'Ten One Handred'. It will primarily act as an investment company. Travis Kalanick said that his initiative would create massive employment. In particular, real estate, e-commerce, and the modern innovation of India and China will work. Apart from this, non-profit initiatives will be taken for future cities from his investor institution.

Last year, Uber Board forced Travis Kalanick to step aside from the post of Chief Executive Officer. In the workplace, there was a lot of complaints, including the creation of poor environment, legal trouble, bad use of the driver, against him. But he tried to return to that position in the company. But eventually accept defeat. Travis Kalanick wrote, 'For several months I was thinking of the next venture. I started investing now. Joining on different boards. We have started work with different entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. For this reason, my new initiative "Ten One Handred" is announced. He gave an email address ( for those who would express interest in working with Travis Kalanick.

However, he did not elaborate on the kind of job opportunities he would create from the new venture. Earlier he had created employment through Uber. Technology analysts say he is heading for new initiatives by seeing the possibility of returning to CEO's office in the fight against the Uber Board. Recently, Japan's telecom company signed the deal with Soft Bank. The power of the board was changed in the Uber Board. It has reduced the control of the ear. Soft Bank Uber agreed to the terms of the two board seats and the ability to vote.

A Guardian report said that after the sale of Uber's shares to Soft Bank, a millionaire of paper and pen was made a real world millionaire. So for nowadays it is easy to make the next venture decision. However, the effect of the earliest cannabis is not decreasing, now Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi has to face many problems. These problems are created during the earliest times.