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How to use mouse efficiently - Some tips on using the mouse

Some tips on using the mouse

Mouse is an important device to use computer. It can be used for speed. We all know about the uses of the mouse. However, there are some additional strategies for using it. We may all do not know these techniques. Knowing these can be the best way to use a mouse efficiently.

Quickly going down of the webpage: 

While going down or up of a page pressing the Shift key while browsing the Internet, you can quickly move. 

Managing opening windows: 

You can maximize or resize the window by double-clicking on the title bar of any open window. Double click on the logo in the upper left of the opened window and the window will be closed.

Zoom In and Out: 

Pressing Ctrl key, scrolling up or down, webpage / word page can be zoomed in and out.

Double and triple click selected: 

Double click on any word to select the word. Again, to select the entire paragraph, any part of the paragraph or paragraph has to be triple clicked or three times clicked together.

Shift button and mouse click: 

Most Word processing programs or text editors can highlight or select entire or partial text through shift keys and mouse clicks.

Scrolling Wheel: 

All mouses currently exist all scroll wheel. Through this, you can go up and down any page.

Make New windows:

Click the middle wheel while your cursor is on a link, then the link will be open on a new window.