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Indians care more about smartphone than relatives!

Indians care more about smartphone than relatives!

Now men and women are all addicted to the smartphone. In such a situation, many people may be surprised if they know the information. Almost half of Indians take care of their smartphones more than their own. This information has been published in a recent survey.

The study says that about 33% of Indians, especially the new generation, prefer to connect with the digital world every moment. 47% of Indians love smartphones or lovers more than parents or parents. Even if you can spend a whole day without talking to your parents, it is impossible for many people to spend 24 hours without a smartphone.

35% of the people have admitted that they are addicted to smartphones. But its 'addiction' can not be removed. This Generation is the most affected in this trend, from 1990 to 2000, who were born. In India, 55 people out of every 100 people The survey was conducted jointly with the famous telecommunication firm Motorola Harvard University 'Mind Born Behavior and Science of Happiness'.

The result of the study says that people are losing control over their own lives. Overall 53% of people think of smartphone as their favorite partner. The number in India is even higher, about 65%. 64% of the people are suffering from lack of consistency in phone and real life. Even the agency survey says people are gradually losing their credibility and becoming addicted to mobile and social media. Their relationship with their real life is gradually decreasing and they take the internet.