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How to keep the smell of perfume?

How to keep the smell of perfume? 

Everyone loves to use perfumes. While going to meet the girlfriend, even while going to tea in the bowl, many people go to the perfume to lighten. But the hazard is only when the smell of sweat comes after an hour and the area of perfumes. Let's see what can be done to keep the smell of perfumes for a long time.

1. Take a small amount of odorless lotion in the area where the perfumes will be applied. Human skin is naturally oily and it does not have the power to absorb it. So if the perfume on the lotion is applied then the aroma will be long.

2. Different types of fragrances will last for a long time. Citrus perfumes are faster, while floral and spice perfumes remain intact long. Buy perfumes with vanilla, mask and wooden base notes.

3. Like citrus perfume? But you can not be afraid to live long enough? Do not fear Kill another perfume with it. You will see the fragrance will remain very long.

4. Perfume can be mixed with the body on the other side of the cloth. All day will be sweet smell. But perfumes do not want to grow once they clothe themselves. In that case, you can use a scarf or a shirt that is read.

5. You can put pulse points such as wrists, throat, elbows, elbows, and knees in your body to smell perfumes.

6. After bathing, many people put perfumes in the bathroom. But when lighting the light, the hot vapor in the bath becomes spoiled. Keep perfumes in dark, chilled, dry places. The fragrance will remain so long.

After so much caution and the smell of perfumes can be mixed. What to do Keep a little bottle of perfumes. Before leaving the office or at the wedding ceremony, take a little while.