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How to edit the pdf files?

How to edit the pdf files? 

To send a formal document, use the pdf file as file type. Sometimes a PDF file needs to be executed for working purpose. However, PDF can not be edited in the free version of many PDF readings software. 

If your computer does not have any PDF reader installed, then you have to wear a little bit of trouble. There is a problem with the installation of new software. If you want to use it, then you can easily edit PDF files using Google Drive. 

In this tutorial, how to do the work is to be presented in this tutorial. First of all, you need to go to Google Drive to upload the PDF file. When the file is uploaded, right-click the mouse on the file from Google Drive. 

Then click on the 'open with' option and click 'google docs'. After some time the Google Doc of the PDF file will be launched. From there it can be done as needed.

After editing, the file can be saved in PDF or Doc format. In this way PDF files can be edited through Google Drive. However, in this process, the text PDF file containing a picture can not be edited.