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YouTube money earning is becoming more difficult now

YouTube money earning is becoming more difficult now

The video watching website YouTube is going to introduce more straight rules for those who want to earn money through YouTube video uploading (uploads). Before joining into premium services and adding big advertisements to popular videos, the video is not always automatic that YouTube staff will check it manually. The reason behind it is the boycott advertising by big and famous companies and a controversial blog. Where the world knows suicide of some persons.

When this rule is implemented, a video publisher will have to go through some strict conditions to make money through YouTube video. The video publisher must have -

i) At least one thousand (1,000) followers / subscribers.
ii) In 12 months the video will be watched by other YouTube users for more than 4 thousand (4,000) hours. 
iii) Previous condition was only watching video for 10 thousand times. 

On a blog post, YouTube has said it will be possible to resist and keep an eye on spammers or those who used YouTube for frauding.

Mark Mulligan, a research organization consultant, believes the current step will reduce the debate. He also thinks that it will be a little harder for video publishers. But the way that the platform is growing, the current step will be positive.

But Google's programs presentation is very eye catching. Where various organizations will pay extra for adding 5 percent of their videos to popular videos. 

However the video publisher must be between 18 to 34 years old. This process is currently running automatically. However, these kind of relevant works will be completely done by the employees of YouTube in the next March.