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Why health test is important before marriage?

Why health test is important before marriage?

Before getting married, one important thing everyone forgets that the health test. And this is not the case in Bangladesh anymore that is the pottery health test. There are no alternatives to health test before marriage. In spite of being secretly, these tests should be done at least by themselves.

Blood tests:

Health complications may arise due to the difference in blood group of husband and wife. If positive male-bearing men with a negative blood-sucking woman are married, complications may arise during their childbirth.


Before the marriage, you should know whether there is hepatitis A, B, C. If hepatitis is lost in hepatitis, if a woman is infected with hepatitis B or C, it can be transmitted to her husband and child. In that case, it is better to keep both Hepatitis 'A' and 'B' Vaccines before marriage.

Fertility test:

Going to the gynecologist, the groom should check once and for sure, if there is a problem with the o treat, overweight. Also, it should be tested beforehand whether there is any problem with bowel manipulation, seminal problems or pecking.

Thalassaemia test: 

Thalassaemia National Hemoglobinopathy test should be done to know whether he is the thalassemia carrier. If both husband and wife are carriers, then the unborn child will be infected with this disease.


You should see the urine test to know if there is a problem in the kidney. If there is more urea in urine, then there may be problems with your child.

Thyroid and anemia test:

If there is a problem with thyroid, then it may be risky to give birth at a later time. Besides, the affected husband's wife too has to face problems after getting married.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases:

Before marriage, it is very important to check whether there are brochures of HIV or sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, genital bacterial infections. Among them, it is possible to heal other diseases without proper treatment through proper treatment.