US shutdown vote will be held on Monday ~ Ofuran

US shutdown vote will be held on Monday

US shutdown vote will be held on Monday

US Senators could not agree on the shutdown in the country. As a result, the stalemate that arose from midnight on Friday local time has continued. On Sunday, a Senate session was adjourned for shutdowns. At this time, voting was postponed till local time on Monday.  

There has been no progress in discussions with the shutdown starting on Friday. In contrast, Democrats and Republican senators have blamed each other for the situation. Democrat Senators emphasize on the new expenditure budget for immigrants who are known as the Dreamers. 

However, the Republicans say such discussions are not possible by stopping governmental activities. But President Donald Trump calls for counting votes based on the majority to overcome this deadlock. According to the rules of the Senate, a bill passed in a 100-member chamber requires 60 votes. However, the number of Republicans currently in the Senate is 51. So Democrats need support to pass this budget.

Meanwhile, Trump has tweeted praising Republicans' efforts on spending budgets. Trump wrote in the tweet, "It's good to see the Republicans' efforts in our army and border security. Democrats are just asking that our country will become insecure with illegal immigrants. If this stalemate continues, then Republicans should decide on the basis of majority. Republicans should vote for a long-term budget rather than temporary.

Earlier in 2013, such a shutdown was in the face of the United States. The shutdown of the service lasted for 16 days.
But this year's shutdown is rare in US history. Because the first one was to control the Congress and the White House, the United States was in the face of shutdowns.