The technology and gazettes which are finished and died in the year 2017 ~ Ofuran

The technology and gazettes which are finished and died in the year 2017

The technology and gazette which are finished in the year 2017

Here the technology world is being talked with you. The tech lovers will sit and open the accounts of what was happened in 2017. Here experts bring out a number of tech and gazettes. They are finished in 2017. Everyone believes that new things will come in the new year. Here let's know the list of dead technology of the year 2017.

Windows phone
Microsoft's Windows Phone has died. But after coming to the market, it was a good response. This year, the announcement of the existence of this phone was announced by several tweets.

However, those who are still using will get regular security benefits.

Microsoft Keynote
This software has removed their desire from the giant keynet. The motion sensing thing was made for Exxon 360 and Xbox One Gaming Console. It was made in 2010. By 2011, Xbox 360 became the most sold product. Even then it took place in Guinness World Records. Kinet comes as the motion sensor of this device. Now it's dead.

The popularity of 3D movies does not need to be renewed. But this year, big television producers like LG or Sony brought the 3D supported TV to the market. But in 2016, the creators like Samsung will cancel it. But this year the 3D television has disappeared.

Apple ipod shuffle and ipad nano
This year, Apple has produced two of the top products of their once popularity. These two devices do not have internet access and there are no updates in the last two years.

AOL's instant messaging Pioneer has been dropped earlier this month. With 20 years of success has been in the market. AIM technology has been excluded from December 15 of this year.

Google Tango
Tango has died early this year. It was one of Google's most ambitious plans. Through this the developers were encouraged to make an on-the-spot-based app.

Google Chrome App
In December of this year, Google dropped the 'App' portion of its Chrome Web Store. This happened to Windows, Mac and Linux.

This year officially Geekak and Zichat have been canceled. The messaging platform created in 2005 has been in this year. However, it has occupied Google hangouts.

Microsoft Groove Music
Microsoft has three numbers on the cancellation list. This year's 31st December will be death these.

Nintendo Entertainment System
Another big gazette will be released this year. The classic editions of the NES occurred. Nintendo's American spokesman said in a declaration.