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No Plan to move US embassy in Jerusalem - said Trump

No Plan to move US embassy in Jerusalem - said Trump

There is no plan to move the US embassy in Jerusalem in this year. US President Donald Trump said this on Wednesday. This news is from from Reuters.

Earlier, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his expectation that the US Embassy will be transferred to Jerusalem within a year. In the meantime, apparently Trump rejected Netanyahu's claim on Wednesday.

Is possible to transfer of the US embassy at the end of this year? Responding to Reuters's question, Trump said the United States was talking about the various situations. Now the focus is not on the transfer of the US embassy.

Earlier in December, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. His declaration gave rise to criticism across the world, including the US allies. After the announcement of the trump, US Secretary of State Rex Tellerson also said that the transfer of US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will take at least three years.

Meanwhile, the controversial announcement of Trump has already indicated the withdrawal of the Oslo agreement from Palestine's ruling party, the PLO. The group is going to postpone the recognition that was given to Israel. Palestine and Israel recognized each other through the Oslo agreement signed in the 90's decades. The decision was taken to review the agreement signed between the then US President Bill Clinton. These decisions were made at a PLO meeting in Ramallah town of the West Bank.