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Map of the world without Qatar in the Museum of United Arab Emirates!

Map of the world without Qatar in the Museum of United Arab Emirates!

Recently a museum was inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates where a map of the world got place with the country Qatar. And after this incident criticism has started around the world.

Turkey's state Anadolu News Agency stated this according to a senior observer of the Gulf region in a report Saturday.

On Wednesday, Simon Handerson of the Washington Institute wrote an analytical report titled 'The UAE / Qatar Rivalry Is Understanding'. There he said that the vast amount of the world map of the museum has completely removed Qatar from the Emirates.

Henderson says that the map of the children of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi has been completely removed from the Southern Peninsula of the Arab Gulf region, Qatar. This is a kind of geographical elimination. It is probably not compatible with the French contract too, so Abu Dhabi could use Louvre's name.

Last year, the United Arab Emirates gave France $520 million to establish the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum in the name of the famous Louvre Museum. Five years ago, the museum was supposed to be launched in Abu Dhabi, but in the end it was seen the face of light in November. 

Just when diplomatic extracurricular tensions between the oil rich countries of the Gulf region are being raised, Henderson has raised the issue of geographical abolition. Last week, Qatar officially charged violation of the airspace against Emirates. The country says that Abu Dhabi's military aircraft entered Qatar's airspace in the last month. Abu Dhabi rejected it because she claimed that Emirates has violated Qatar's territorial sovereignty.

But in this week Emirates has brought similar charges against Qatar. Officials say Qatar's fighter has banned two passenger civilian aircraft of Bahraini Emirates. The beginning of the tension in the Arab Gulf region was originally started from June 6, 2017.