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Kuwait allowed illegal immigrants to be legal

Kuwait allowed illegal immigrants to be legal

The government has announced a general amnesty for illegal immigrants from different countries living in Kuwait. The news was released on Wednesday by the country's local media, citing Kuwait's Interior Ministry. The news is from 'The Hindu'.  

In general, 1,30,000 illegal migrants from different countries will be allowed to live and leave the country. The embassy has said that those who are in Kuwait for various reasons have been asked to accept the opportunity of general forgiveness. Embassy will cooperate in this regard.

The time has been fixed from 29 January to 22 February. This is one of the most important opportunities for illegal immigrants to solve legal issues. Especially those who want to leave the country will not have to pay the fine.

This opportunity was given in the last one of the general amnesty for leaving Kuwait without paying a fine. The same opportunity has been given again.
You can leave Kuwait without paying a penalty or stay in Kuwait for a maximum of 600 Dinars by two diners daily.

But if the immigrants were detained by the local administration before the time of general forgiveness, they would not be covered under general forgiveness. And those whose names have been violated by local laws or in big cases, can solve the case and go to the country. Regarding general remission, illegal immigrants have been asked to contact the residency department.