How to use Computer more safe and efficiently? ~ Ofuran

How to use Computer more safe and efficiently?

This is the era of digital life, life without computers is hazy. Everyday we all use computers or laptops. The role of computer in our lives can not be described at all. Knowing some of the tips and uses of computers is necessary for all. Today, we will know some of the key tips about using computer.

1. Keep Backup of Data:

Computer contains many important information, documents or files. It is very important to have backups so that they are safe. Nowadays, you can keep backup in the cloud storage. Google Drive or Dropbox is very popular platform in this case.

2. Computer needs to be protected:

Often the PC system can cause extra velocity due to inconvenience to the system. It is capable of destroying the computer. Computer security is very important. UPS is the best way to solve this problem.

3.Computer Software needs to be Updated:

For faster and continuous work, computer programs and hardware need to be regularly updated. It makes our workings more efficient and easier.

4. See, Read, Understand the functions of computer!

While working on a computer, some dialog boxes come up, many of us do not read these and click the 'OK' button. But these can sometimes be harmful for computers by entering malware or virus. So, before clicking on the 'OK' button, you will see well what is written.

5. The computer needs to be free from viruses and harmful programs:

Virus is a type of harmful computer software program that can create a copy of itself or add itself to another file. Originally viruses are infected by extension virus.exe (executable file) and .com extension files. To keep the computer free from viruses, you have to install an antivirus or malware detection software.

6. Computer memory needs to be cleaned:

The computer needs to keep memory clean to work fast.

7. Use 'Help' option (F1):

For every program in the computer, there are some program support menus. Press the F1 key on the keyboard to know it directly or through the Internet.

8. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts:

Some things can be done in shortcut with the help of keyboards without selecting from the computer menu.

For example, to copy a file, press Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V to paste, Ctrl + X to cut, Ctrl + P to print and Ctrl + S (Windows) or Cmd + C (Mac) to save.

There are some more shortcuts that make the computer easier to use.