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How to spend well your vacation?

How to spend well your vacation? 

How many time passes from your work busyness or examination! When these are done, I will do it, I will go around, I will go there and so on etc. In the end of the examinations, it is seen that there is no other idea on the head. Even at six o'clock in the morning there is a plan for morning walk, but it can be seen that someone is not able to pick you up from the bed before 10 o'clock! If you do not have to sit idle in the corner of the house like a potter's baggage, then there are some tips for him.

1. Plan to do

I'm not talking about a plan, graphically-floored plan with pen paper. Make the plan in your head first. Remember that when you are a student, as a plan, your vacation plan should be like a student, not a businessman or a caregiver.

Do the rest of the holiday, along with some productive work also. You must have a different time for your skill development as well as in your plan, as well as sleep, mass chat, movies and eating-dawas.

2. Stay in the routine

After a little free trial, it is seen that we suddenly came out of a regular routine. All of the sleeping habits become haphazard. This shuffle should be left with a little balance. It may be possible to sleep for an hour or two more than in the morning. So, at eight o'clock in the morning, there is no work of sleeping at one o'clock in the morning. Likewise, eating unhealthy food, skipping a meal, staying awake for a deep night - they will create problems during returning to the systematic life after the holidays.

3. Do something new

If you are finally tired of going to the same Bowling Cox's Bazar tour every holiday or every time eating the same expensive restaurant, then please try to do something new. Think of what it is like to do, what can be done without doing it. For a long time, you might learn the guitar or learn some work like developing Photoshop or web pages.

Use this leave, decide whether you want to do one or two things well. If you have any hobby like gardening, singing, writing or painting, then give them time. To do this, you can join different non-academic classes or learn online. Use this leave to discover your true potential. Internship in various part time jobs, freelancing, tuition or different organizations - these are also good options.

4. Set goals

The holiday is mainly due to the retirement of the last day's fatigue and a time to prepare for the next day. At this time you decide what to do in the next days. What do you think about life, what you want to do in life, how much you want to do in front of what you want to do, what else would be better - take a cup of coffee in a lazy evening and think about them all. You can read various motivational articles. Just fix your own ultimatum, decide that 'I will do this work a month after the holidays'. Be prepared for the next few days, psychologically and physically.

5. Send stress to vacation

There is a lot of tests, many have studied, now you have to remove the most important thing, that is, get rid of yourself from the stress. Shock all the stress as much as you can. You can go to a new place, it can be a park, where you can spend some good time. Some people also do yoga and meditation. There is no pair of physical work to stress. Cricket, football, badminton, cycling, swimming - which you can enjoy. There is no problem if you can not do anything, there is a holiday, you can learn if you want. In total, let's do some good time to do yourself.

Vacation is a great time to spend time with the family. For socialization too. You can do many things, just do not regret later, 'Yah! I have wasted this long leave! '