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How to listen music in many speakers by phone?

If you are gossiping with your friends and at that time you want to listen to everyone's songs. But no speaker with you. Smartphone's default speaker sound is relatively too low. Now the way? How to listen music in many speakers? 

Install AmpMe From Google Play store

Install AmpMe From Apple iTune App store

In this case you can avoid the sound problem using an application called 'AmpMe'. If it is installed, more sounds can be heard with the help of smartphones. The best app can be connected to the phone, but the same songs can be played together on all phones. 

Features of the app: 

With the help of the app, music can be played on more than one phone with music synchronous. As a result, the same song can be heard more. The app allows you to start music directly from Spitif and YouTube. Also, there is the use of music in the phone's internal memory. 

To connect the app to another phone, the phone must be connected to the same WiFi network. When the app is running, the list of phones connected to the same network will be displayed nearby. Besides, the link of the app can be shared.

Users can create their own profile in the app. The app has downloaded more than 1 million times from Google Play. The 4.3 rating application can be downloaded and used free from this address.