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Advantages and disadvantages of age increasing limit for entering govt. job

Advantages and disadvantages of age increasing limit for entering govt. job

Both advantages and disadvantages are existed for age increasing limit for entering into govt. job.

The only way to increase the age limit for entering into a job is a facility increasing for all job candidates. That is because of the fact that every candidate losses some years for session jam in academic education, year gaps is your personal affairs, but many people in the same class apply for same job and take job preparation.

Those who marry lately for business or any other reason, hearing about the age of entry into the job, they will be desperate for the job, except for omitting them. As a result, unemployment will increase in a way.

Those who have gone to other profession without getting a job, they have understood the importance of the job very well. So they would like to get a job even after collecting them, selling the land or by paying the business money. 

My words may seem foul. But take a look at the job seekers around you. Those who are around 30, they have more than doubling their earning money. As a result, the violence of money may increase in the recruitment.

Examinations will be a lot more than now. It is also a huge challenge to handle the examinations of all the candidates.

When we do not do any thing at all, our practice is done at the right moment. As the age of the job increases, the honors and the master's pass, even if the age of entry into the service will be at least 7 years, there will be a looser in everything. As a result, the decreasing session will increase gradually.

Many people are not getting jobs because they are 30 years of age, as many as 35 years of age, but many people will not get jobs. This is also true. So if the age of 31 years of age is 35 years old, then the condition of the 36-year-old will not be a condition worse than that of them.

With a 24 year old colleague who has joined the same post, there are some problems with the 30 year old colleague's association. With age of 24, 35 years of collaboration with colleagues will be more complicated. Better to say, the promoted senior and the same batch senior do not confuse together.

There are many people who have been married for 30 years. It will be 35 years old if you increase your age. When she is married again, she will want a 23 year old girl. He says that he will marry 35 year old daughter. In that case, there is very little chance of being their parents.

There has not been any such incident that no institution has been able to find people because of age 30. Why do not the institutions take 35 years of age without a 25 year old person? After taking the 25-year-old man, the company got 10 years of service more than 35 years of age.

A person who has been employed in 29 years of age will also be inclined to change the job again. As a result, both individuals and institutions will be affected.

Most of the children who are not employed in 35 years of age can be overwhelmed by frustration, family and emotional stress, and even commit suicide.

You can say that you did not get the job, it is your own weakness - try to do anything else to accept it. In order to cover your weaknesses, you can lead the country forward by doing something new without causing the country to fall back to new problems.